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Meet the Pastor

Don and Kathy DeFoor both grew up in the Ft. Worth area where they met in 1977 and married in 1979. They have two children (both of whom serve at GWF) and eight grandchildren.


Pastor Don DeFoor

Don entered the gospel ministry in 1983 and has been in fulltime service since 1990. After spending the first six years in evangelism and as an associate pastor, he accepted the senior pastorate at Bethel Baptist Church where he served from 1989-2007.  In 2007, he resigned from Bethel and began singing full time in a Southern Gospel Trio. In August of 2010, God began dealing with Don about the need for a western heritage ministry in Godley. In November 2010, Godley Western Fellowship was founded by Pastor Don DeFoor.


In addition to leading GWF as its senior pastor, Don is also a team roper and sings with

The GWF Band when the opportunity arises.


Kathy DeFoor

Affectionately known as “Mrs. Kathy” not only to the kids, but to everyone at GWF, she always has a smile and a kind word. Having been beside Pastor Don since he entered the ministry in 1983, she is no stranger to the task at hand. While she does not fill the pulpit, she knows with almost a sixth sense, when someone is hurting or happy and responds accordingly. In addition to her “First Lady” duties, Kathy leads the Children’s ministry and regularly "herds" dozens of kids each Sunday.


Besides caring for the church, she also owns and operates DeFoor’s Catering.  All of GWF periodically enjoy the fruits of her labor, pun intended.

 Ambassador Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church in Fresno California with a heart for the entire Central Valley. Ambassador Baptist stands as a solid Bible Church where the Scriptures are taught through clear and relevant expository Bible preaching. As well as offering regular worship services in Fresno, Ambassador Church is one of a number of Fresno Christian Churches that offers Fresno and Clovis residents free Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and Financial Counseling in Fresno.


Ambassador Baptist Church meets in West Fresno and is conveniently located just off of Highway 99. The Ambassador church campus is on Clinton Ave. and is conveniently located for anyone looking for a Christian Church in Fresno. With so many Christian Churches in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley to choose from, our location makes it the perfect Christian Church for the residents of Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Kerman, Sanger, Fowler and Selma. Ambassador is strategically located as a northwest Church in Fresno with a desire to reach everyone in the central valley with the message of Christ.


Ambassador Baptist Church is a dynamic Christian Church that has a desire to start Baptist Churches in Fresno. It was the First Baptist Church in Fresno to begin planting other Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Fresno area.  We are thankful to the Liberty Baptist Church of Fresno, the Faith Baptist Church of Fresno, the Victory Baptist Church of Fresno, Central Baptist Church of Clovis and many other Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible Churches in Fresno for their desire to spread the gospel message to the residents of this city and plant more Baptist Christian Churches in Fresno.


If you are looking for a church with some of the best expository Bible preaching in Fresno, or an educational and fun children’s ministry environment in Fresno, or just a place where you can get involved in community service in Fresno then Ambassador Baptist Church may be just right for you. It is our prayer to be the peoples church of choice in Fresno and the surrounding areas and then to labor together to have a positive influence in the Central Valley.