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1. All medications must be properly labeled and kept in original containers. Check expiration dates. No expired medications will be given.

2. All prescription and non-prescription medications must be presented to camp health center personnel upon arrival at Mt. Lebanon. 

3. All medications must be stored and dispensed from the camp health center (except EpiPens or emergency inhalers). Campers are not allowed to keep or self-administer any medication in accordance with Texas Department of State Health Services regulations. 

4. Diabetics must bring a copy of their Diabetes Management Plan.

5. Non-prescription medications such as vitamin supplements or pain relievers will be given only according to the age and dosage restrictions and instructions listed on the package unless a doctor’s order is provided. 

6. EpiPens or emergency inhalers may be kept with the camper. (Please send an extra one to be kept in the health center) Health center personnel must be notified immediately when a camper uses an EpiPen. If asthma symptoms are not completely relieved the camper must be brought to the health center for evaluation.

7. List all medications, dosage and indicate after breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime on the Medication Dosage and Frequency Chart below.

8. Place all medications in a heavy-duty, quart sized zip-lock bag with the camper’s name and name of church written outside of the bag.

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