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Spiritual Gifts Test

Answer the following questions according to how the statement best fits you. Go with your first reaction; do not overthink it. 

You are willing to do the right thing even if it means suffering alone for it.
You sometimes go beyond your physical strength in serving others.
You like to study material in a systematic sequence.
You motivate people to become what you see they could be.
You want the ministries you support to be as effective as possible.
You can break down a large task into achievable goals.
You seem to attract people who tell you their problems.
You react strongly against people who are not what they appear to be.
You can usually detect ways to serve before anyone else can.
You check the credentials of one who wants to teach you.
You can encourage your workers and inspire them to action.
You desire to give gifts of high quality.
You are able to delegate assignments to others.
You can sense when people have hurt feelings.
You can quickly discern a person's motives and character.
You like to put extra touches on your work.
You enjoy spending hours doing research on a subject.
You identify with people where they are in order to counsel them.
You desire to keep your giving a secret.
You enjoy coordinating the efforts of many to reach a common goal.
You react to those who are insensitive to the feelings of others.
You are quick to judge yourself when you fail.
You do not seek public praise, but you do need to feel appreciated.
You pay close attention to words and phrases.
You find it difficult to be firm or decisive with people.
You will even use your own funds to get a job done quickly.
You can visualize the final result of a major undertaking.
You want to remove those who cause hurt to others.
You feel a responsibility to correct those who do wrong.
You find it difficult to say no to those who ask for help.
You desire to gain as much knowledge as you can.
You enjoy giving examples from the lives of others.
You enjoy knowing that your gifts were specific answers to prayer.
You see people as resources that can be used to get a job done.
You are able to discern genuine love.
You let people know how you feel about important issues without them asking your opinion.
You can remember the likes and dislikes of others.
You like to tell others as many facts as you can on a topic.
You often take family time to counsel others.
You enjoy giving to needs which others tend to overlook.
You like to give counsel in logical steps of action.
You often wonder why God allows people to suffer.
You see actions as clearly right or wrong, either black or white with very little gray.
You are willing to neglect your own work to help others.
You want to make sure that statements are true and accurate.
You need quality time to explain how you feel.
You react negatively to pressure appeals for money.
You enjoy working on projects to help people grow spiritually.
You tend to take up offenses for those whom you love.

Thank you! Survey submissions are only checked bi-weekly.You will receive an email with your results as soon as possible.

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